About me

Software engineer with 7+ years of experience producing scalable web-based server/client applications. I am a certified Node.js developer with expert knowledge of NestJS and Laravel frameworks.

Well-versed in Node.js and PHP back-end development. I also possess DevOps skills - like Docker, Kubernetes, and CircleCI, and have deep knowledge of some AWS services. Have experience with the Vue.js front-end framework, and I’m learning React to add to my stack.

I am a reliable, communicative, and supportive team player who can work on a team or independently.


  • Back-end development of high-load and scalable solutions.
  • Skilled at writing well-designed, testable, and efficient code using current best practices.
  • Write articles about exciting Back-End technologies on Medium: https://medium.com/@dkhorev
  • I have experience developing and launching multi-tenant SaaS applications, cryptocurrency exchanges, CRM, and e-learning systems.


  • My tech career started in game-dev as a QA engineer, where I advanced to Data engineering.
  • Later, I founded an e-commerce t-shirt store with my friend and took responsibility for our site support and development, which got me into JS, AJAX, and PHP.
  • After closing our shop, I continued developing my programming skills. I got into a contract project with “JSC Aeroflot” to create a web solution for pilot training. This job went very well; since then, I have kept learning and improving in different aspects of software development.

Feel free to connect via LinkedIn, and let's stay in touch!


JSNSD: OpenJS Node.js Services Developer

JSNAD: OpenJS Node.js Application Developer

Technical summary
TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP
Node.js, NestJS, Laravel
MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, AWS Redshift, TimescaleDB
S3, ECS, SNS, SQS, CodePipeline, RDS, KMS, ElastiCache, DMS, EC2, Redshift, VPC, Cost Explorer
REST API, RabbitMQ, WebSockets, Docker, Kubernetes
Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, React
TDD, design patterns, OOP, SOLID, DRY, KISS, clean architecture, unit testing, CI/CD, infrastructure as code
WebStorm, PhpStorm, Terraform, CircleCI, Git, Datadog, Auth0, Looker, Bash, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, GitHub, Gitlab, ssh
I speak:
English, Russian