About me

Software Engineer with more than 7 years experience of producing quality web based server/client applications.

Has expert knowledge of NestJS and Laravel frameworks. Well versed in Node.js and PHP back-end development. Has experience with Vue.js front-end framework.

Has experience developing and launching multi-tenant SaaS applications, cryptocurrency exchanges, CRM and e-learning systems.

Expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions and passionate about software quality.

Skilled at writing well-designed, testable and efficient code using current best practices.

Reliable, communicative, and supportive team player who has the ability to work on a team or independently.


JSNSD: OpenJS Node.js Services Developer

JSNAD: OpenJS Node.js Application Developer

Personal Projects

Module for Russian Top-1 CMS Bitrix https://marketplace.1c-bitrix.ru/solutions/dkdev.mailpro

Part-time writer on software engineering topics https://medium.com/@dkhorev

Technical summary
TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP
Node.js (NestJS), PHP (Laravel)
MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift, TimescaleDB
Vue.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Test-driven development, design patterns, object-oriented programming, SOLID, DRY, KISS, clean architecture, unit testing, CI/CD, infrastructure as code
WebStorm, PhpStorm, AWS, Terraform, Docker, WebSockets, Jenkins, Bash, Bootstrap, Git
Linux, Windows
I speak:
English, Russian